Content Information

Dark Nexus is an actual play podcast of Paizo’s Strange Aeons Adventure Path, which is a Lovecraftian Weird Horror campaign.

While most sword-and-sorcery roleplaying games/podcasts involve violence, Dark Nexus is specifically a horror story. Though we’re not striving to be hugely explicit, there will be content in our tale that may not be for everyone.

    • As a baseline, the show involves upsetting circumstances and is likely not appropriate for anyone under 18 years of age.

    • Golarion, the fictional planet on which this story takes place, is a world beset with such real-world troubles as slavery, xenophobia, military conflict, political corruption, etc. And the plotlines of this story will involve scenes of torture, body horror, kidnapping, cannibalism, self-harm, substance abuse, the threat of violence against children or animals, occultism, and the list goes on. This is, we wish to stress, a horror story. But these topics will be used as context or obstacles for the protagonists, not for purposes of glorification.

    • It is also specifically worth mentioning that the subject of mental health is dealt with in our game in terms of the tropes/language common to the Weird Horror genre and is subject to RPG game mechanics (we’re using a modified version of the optional Pathfinder Sanity rules). If you are someone who does not care to hear the very serious topic of mental health discussed in this way, we completely understand and respect that, and we hope you’ll check out our future releases.

    If this blanket description is not detailed enough for you to know whether or not Dark Nexus might be for you, we encourage you to reach out to us at Our episodes are recorded significantly far in advance of release, so we have plenty of information available to us about future content.