Objects found in the characters’ hands as they woke in the Nightmare City in Chapter 1.

    • Gull’s torch was comprised of a broken table leg wrapped with a soiled diaper.
    • Dora’s knitting needle had an eyeball impaled on the end of it.
    • Ray’s chain seemed oddly large and was wrapped tightly around his fist.
    • Grip’s rock was a piece of volcanic stone.

In Grip's dream in Chapter 5, he imagined himself running across a rubble-strewn desert towards a giant volcano.

In Gull's dream in Chapter 8, he imagined himself wearing soiled diapers and thought of it as his “true form.”

In Ray's dream in Chapter 22, he imagined a chain in his hand leading him to his own death.

Also in Chapter 22, Grip again dreamed of himself clutching a rock and hurling it in fear.

In Dora's dream in Chapter 26, Dora handed her dream daughter a knitting needle and told her to “aim for the eye.”

In the Act II Interlude, flashbacks and Jinmenju-spawned memories linked these objects to the moments when each of the characters met the Stranger for the first time.

First Reference: Prologue
Other Notable References: Chapter 5, Chapter 8, Chapter 22, Chapter 26, Act II Interlude


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