a.k.a. The Bag Lady

Rozenport serial killer from 40-50 years before the start of the adventure. Her victims were discovered with her heads wrapped up in sacks. Currently a resident at Briarstone Asylum, around 70 years old.

According to Naysa in Chapter 28, the Bag Lady being free and aligned with the Apostles in Orpiment was “very bad business.”

In Chapter 31, the party found her records and learned that she was susceptible to hypnosis and that there was a trigger phrase in Hallit that floods her with calm and counteracts her aggression.

The party encountered her in Chapter 35 (Part 1): an elderly, olive-skinned woman wearing combat boots and a red leather jacket. She turned out to be a Brawler, and was indeed vulnerable to hypnosis.

She was killed by Thema on 3 Neth 4718.

First Reference: Chapter 27
Other Notable References: Chapter 28, Chapter 31, Chapter 35 (Part 1)


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