Something referenced by the Tatterman to Dr. Losandro in Dora’s psychometry vision of Chapter 22.

In Chapter 61, Alar was revealed to be one of the sister cities to Carcosa, home to anarchists bound together in shared jealousy of the wealth and prosperity of Yhtill (the other of Carcosa’s sister cities on the shores of Lake Hali).

The people of Alar coveted the wealth and comforts of the people of Yhtill, yet they could do little to earn or take from Yhtill what they desired. And so, one day long ago, the armies of Alar besieged the empty city of Carcosa, hoping to harness whatever source of power that so fully emptied minds and ruined souls. By the next morning, the city of Alar and its population had vanished without a trace.

First Reference: Chapter 22
Other Notable References: Chapter 61


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