An island on the Danver River as it spills out into Lake Encarthan in Ustalav. Home of Briarstone Asylum.

While researching in the Briarstone library, Dora learned that the isle had been rumored to be haunted since 4315 A.R.,  following the death of the overseer of the construction of a fort intended to protect Thrushmoor from pirates. In 4584 A.R. Count Haserton Lowls I convinced the church of Pharasma to conduct an island-wide exorcism to combat these rumors.

Dora learned from further research that Captain Anoch Atherton didn’t die in a construction accident in 4325. Fort Briar’s overseer disappeared, only to be discovered a week later–his entrails strewn across the island. After Atherton’s death, work halted on the fort’s construction, but locals still reported seeing lights in the deserted, half-constructed structure. Rumors attributed the tragedy to the Briarstone Witch, who is believed to have inhabited the island.

In Chapter 21, Dora recalled a memory of there being two unfinished standing stones on the north coast of the island, and that they resemble what are apparently three such stones in Thrushmoor.

First Reference: Chapter 4
Other Notable References: Chapter 20, Chapter 21


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