A name first referenced by the Unicorn the party encountered in the North Courtyard of Briarstone Asylum. According to the Unicorn, he is “magnificent, beautiful, and perfect,” and was the subject of insult and torture in the past.

The corpse of a beautiful, painfully thin young man was found in the courtyard by Dora in Chapter 27—presumably the “Brin” being protected by the Unicorn. In his eyes, Dora saw a brief image of a beautiful elven woman reaching a hand towards her.

In Chapter 31, Naysa revealed that he was a patient who could not stop losing weight, and who disappeared into a fantasy world. Sweet, but troubled and distant.

The party put his soul to rest when Ray interred his body in the North Courtyard.

First Reference: Chapter 25
Other Notable References: Chapter 27, Chapter 31


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