a.k.a. Purple Specs Man, the Count of Versex

Human, male, in his fifties, long charcoal beard, dark circular glasses tinted purple, wearing a dark flat square hat. The party had a vision of him during the Prologue, staring down at them in fury as if through some sort of rift or portal that resembled warped glass.

After Dora performed psychometry on Grip’s badge in Chapter 6, the characters realized they shared an image of this man, among other things, from the visions they experienced before waking up in Briarstone.

This name appeared with increasing frequency in the journal of Dr. Eliege Losandro, which the party recovered from her office in Chapter 15. He was discovered to be the Count of Versex County, which mean that he was the figure under investigation by the Royal Accusers for either disappearing or abandoning his duties. Also, according to Winter, he was known to have visited Briarstone Asylum many times over the years, and more frequently in the time leading to his recent disappearance.

A “lordly amateur psychologist.” Known to possess a copy of The Chain of Nights, which he offered to Dr. Losandro in exchange for her taking on five new patients, former associates of his that suffered some unprecedented form of amnesia.

In Chapter 34, Lowls was seen in the psychometry vision of Thema and Vatticus’ wedding as a skulking figure in the corner that liked to… watch.

In Chapter 39, the party learned from Cesadia Wrentz that he had been seen heading down to the harbor the day before the earthquake with a large group of people (presumably including Dora, Ray, Grip, and Gull/Rony). His ship left to the north (toward Briarstone Isle), and hadn’t been seen since.

In a psychometry vision in Chapter 51, Dora learned that the Count had been involved in some endeavor with “the idol and the lake,” according to Ray, who believed the Count was in over his head.

First Reference: Prologue
Other Notable References: Chapter 6, Chapter 10, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 34, Chapter 39, Chapter 51


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