a.k.a. Purple Specs Man, the Count of Versex

Human, male, in his fifties, long charcoal beard, dark circular glasses tinted purple, wearing a dark flat square hat. The party had a vision of him during the Prologue, staring down at them in fury as if through some sort of rift or portal that resembled warped glass.

After Dora performed psychometry on Grip’s badge in Chapter 6, the characters realized they shared an image of this man, among other things, from the visions they experienced before waking up in Briarstone.

This name appeared with increasing frequency in the journal of Dr. Eliege Losandro, which the party recovered from her office in Chapter 15. He was discovered to be the Count of Versex County, which mean that he was the figure under investigation by the Royal Accusers for either disappearing or abandoning his duties. Also, according to Winter, he was known to have visited Briarstone Asylum many times over the years, and more frequently in the time leading to his recent disappearance.

A “lordly amateur psychologist.” Known to possess a copy of The Chain of Nights, which he offered to Dr. Losandro in exchange for her taking on five new patients, former associates of his that suffered some unprecedented form of amnesia.

In Chapter 34, Lowls was seen in the psychometry vision of Thema and Vatticus’ wedding as a skulking figure in the corner that liked to… watch.

In Chapter 39, the party learned from Cesadia Wrentz that he had been seen heading down to the harbor the day before the earthquake with a large group of people (presumably including Dora, Ray, Grip, and Gull/Rony). His ship left to the north (toward Briarstone Isle), and hadn’t been seen since. He left Melisenn Kororo in charge of the Iris Hill estate in his absence.

In a psychometry vision in Chapter 51, Dora learned that the Count had been involved in some endeavor with “the idol and the lake,” according to Ray, who believed the Count was in over his head.

In Chapter 66, while exploring the manor house of Iris Hill, the party discovered a painting of a young Lowls, maybe three years old, dressed up, sitting with an adorable kitten, and he looked to be terrified of the cat.

In Chapter 69, the party found Lowls’ private study, which contained a massive set of journals from his life, a log of his conversations with Ulver Zandalus back at Briarstone Asylum, a special footlocker with 22 specific books, and plans for a river journey through Cassomir and on to a desert location beyond.

In Chapter 74, while reading through Thrushmoor town records, the party learned some more details of Lowls’ past:

  • Probably had aristocrat levels.
  • He once paid 50 gold to get Brayden Vatticus out of jail, and an additional 200 to make the record of his previous indiscretions disappear (which did not happen).
  • Several grievances were filed against him by Charle Dormer for failing to pay for extremely rare books. Lowls eventually ran Dormer out of town with intimidation tactics.
  • Lowls had been diverting county funds to purchase rare books from multiple places across the region.
  • 20 years before the start of the campaign, he was officially interrogated regarding the death of his mother, Nemira Lowls, at her brother’s request. Lowls claimed that she had died suddenly from the same strange disease that had recently killed his father and had been buried in the family crypt beneath Iris Hill and her remains were not to be disturbed.

In Chapter 79, the party discovered (in the Iris Hill library) piles of many unsold copies of two of Lowls’ “scholarly works:” A History of the History of Versex, and The Stars Are Not Among Us: An Undeniable Refutation of the Works of the Doomsaying Pseudo-scholar Dr. Henri Meirtmane.

In Chapter 83, Dora began researching the count’s journals left behind in Iris Hill. She got the impression that he has a highly troubled mind. Deeply entitled, profoundly petty and vindictive. Obsessed with his own intellectual superiority and consumed with bitter seething rage that no one else acknowledges it. Desperately needs everyone’s approval, while feeling himself superior to everyone else. Extremely repressed. Obsessed with violence but terrified of committing it himself. Obsessed with the effects of pain on people, but terrified of feeling it himself. Obsessed with narcotics but has never taken any himself. Obsessed with sex but likely a virgin. Someone who, because of his money and his upbringing, had the possibility of being exposed to the entire range of human experience, but is so uncomfortable in his own skin that he goes to extreme ends to avoiding touching things or feeling things himself. Likely an Aristocrat, and an Archivist. Obsessed with something called Neruzavin.

First Reference: Act I Prologue
Other Notable References: Chapter 6, Chapter 10, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 34, Chapter 39, Chapter 51, Chapter 66, Chapter 69, Chapter 74, Chapter 79, Chapter 83


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