A name referenced in the thoughts of an injured Skum in Chapter 46 as one who would answer for the failure of the Great Harvest to start.

Dora got a glimpse of him in the thoughts of a Skum in Chapter 47: a tall, gangly Skum with a significantly thicker frog-like hide and intense blood-shot eyes. Wears a coral blue headband and has objects of shamanistic significance about him. The (apparent) Leader of the Skum in Thrushmoor.

In Chapter 54, he was encountered by the party during their infiltration of Fort Hailcourse, on the other side of a sealed door. He questioned Dora in the Abyssal language, demanding their surrender.

In Chapter 75, the party encountered him again as part of an ambush laid for them in the Iris Hill courtyard. In Chapter 76 he fled inside the manor house due to the mental block spell Dora had cast on him, and the he fled back out of the house and into the woods after a near-deadly encounter with Weiralai in Chapter 77.

First Reference: Chapter 46
Other Notable References: Chapter 47, Chapter 54, Chapter 75, Chapter 76, Chapter 77

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