Doctor at Briarstone Asylum who gave Winter a tour of the grounds before the earthquake.

His office contained a preponderance of grotesque anatomical sketches, most depicting traumas and deformities of the head and brain. The party surmised that he specialized in hydrocephalus, a condition in which fluid accumulates in the brain. By the time the party reached it to investigate, a sturdy display case stood open and empty near his office, though it had once been filled with dozens upon dozens of brains in jars that were taken and hauled down the hallway to the west.

Dr. Chawaar’s corpse was discovered, mutilated, with its chest wide open, near the conference room, with six flasks of alchemist’s fire in its pocket.

In Chapter 15, the party learned that he had been Grip and Dora’s attending physician at Briarstone.

In Chapter 17, the party learned that he had worked at Briarstone Asylum for roughly 20 years.

First Reference: Chapter 10
Other Notable References: Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 17


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