The Administrator of Briarstone Asylum. She was conducting an experiment just before the earthquake that sundered the asylum.

According to a note found outside the cells where the characters woke up signed “EL,” she had at some point authorized an increase for Campre Linweigh.

While exploring the first level of the asylum alone, Gull discovered her office in Chapter 12. It was palatial two-story room with bookshelves, overstuffed furniture, elegant side tables, an altar-like desk of dark marble, and huge cathedral windows lining the walls. Reminiscent of a royal waiting room, there was a fireplace with two chairs in front of it. Less reminiscent of majesty was the fifteen-by-fifteen-foot billowing cloud of rainbow-colored fog shedding bright light in the center of the room, itself sitting within a one-inch thick pool of blood.

In Chapter 15, the party learned from her journal that she had accepted visits from Count Lowls, who’d wanted to see Ulver Zandalus and perhaps help to cure his maladies. He offered access to The Chain of Nights in exchange for taking a group of his associates afflicted with amnesia. After discussing the information uncovered in the journal, the party came to believe that she is the thing at the center of the rainbow fog in her office, and later learned that she had also been Ray’s attending physician when he was admitted to Briarstone on 15 Lamashan, 4718.

In Chapter 17, the party learned from Ulver Zandalus' patient file that she had also been his attending physician, and that she and Dr. Trice had different opinions about Count Lowls’ interest in Zandalus when it had begun three years earlier. Her file was missing from the staff records room when the party searched for it.

From Airwynn's story in Chapter 20, it was made clear that Dr. Losandro was elevated to her position as Administrator immediately following the murder of Dr. Trice (the previous Administrator) by Grip and Gull.

In Dora’s psychometry vision of Dr. Losandro’s office in Chapter 22, the party learned much more about her activities on 17 Lamashan. She was in her sixties, dressed like an academic rather than a doctor. Tough, confident, strong, and fierce. Dark haired, lithe, fit, angular. She performed an hour-long ritual from The Chain of Nights, causing the Tatterman to emerge from Ulver Zandalus. She never saw it happen and was later transformed into an oneirogen by the Tatterman (wearing Zandalus’ body) during a second—botched—ritual.

The party granted her the “mercy” of death on 1 Neth.

First Reference: Chapter 3
Other Notable References: Chapter 10, Chapter 12, Chapter 15, Chapter 17, Chapter 22


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