a.k.a. Baisily, “Mr. Gabriel”

A doppelganger that first presented as “Baisily,” a young woman in her twenties, wearing patient’s robes and sleeping propped against another patient when first encountered by the party in the Briarstone chapel in Chapter 8. Feisty-looking, with long straight dark hair. She tended to talk to herself, and was a chronic sleepwalker. She needed to be lashed down at night so she didn’t cause harm to herself or others. She would sometimes dance and spin, but silently.

In Chapter 18, he attempted to kill Dora with a sneak attack while pretending to be Winter, whose throat he’d already slit. According to Tolman, “Mr. Gabriel” (as the kids called him) had once been a beloved doctor in the children’s wing.

First Reference: Chapter 8
Other Notable References: Chapter 13, Chapter 18, Chapter 19


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