Found in a journal in Dr. Losandro‘s desk in Chapter 15.

An Oathsday sometime around a year ago, perhaps:

Another unexpected call from Count Lowls. These have become so common and Lowl’s focus is so singular that they no longer leave me apprehensive. He requested to see me after his visit with Zandalus, though. He claims to have a theoretical solution for the poor man’s condition, but what it is, Lowls refused to share. I doubt that lordly amateur psychologist has truly hit upon anything of worth. Regardless, I’d be a fool not to humor my liege.

A Starday, sometime a few months ago, perhaps:

Lowl’s “solution” was not at all what I expected. I have no clue where he turned it up, but on his most recent visit he brought along a copy of Valhadis’s “The Chain of Nights,” a near-legendary collection of psycho-arcane studies and treatments focused on dreaming. While I abhor arcane tampering, if there is a permanent solution to Zandalus’s nightmares, it could be here. Lowls allowed me to study the text for the duration of his visit, but staunchly refused to leave it in my possession.

A Moonday, as recent as a few weeks ago:

Lowls has made me an offer: his copy of “The Chain of Nights.” All I must do in return is accept a handful of new patients—former associates of his that have suffered some unprecedented manner of group amnesia. The terms make me suspicious, but I can learn more of these curious strangers once they’re in my care. If it means the possibility of a cure for Zandalus and others, I welcome the bargain.

A Toilday, likely last week:

“The Chain of Nights” is a marvel. It will take years of study to unravel all its possibilities, but already I’ve discovered a process by which chronic dreams might be drawn forth and disposed of like so much psychic gristle. Tomorrow, our experiment begins.


First Reference: Chapter 15
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