Discovered in the Briarstone chaplain‘s records room by Naysa and Mura and given to Gull in Chapter 18.

Notes: 4685 [meta-note: this is 33 years ago]—Patient is mute, and nearly non- responsive. I have attempted to engage him in prayer, but when I do… well, it seems that one thing able to stir him from his haunted reverie is the sound of prayer. It clearly distresses him. Nothing like the night terrors I’m told he experiences, but still. So, I will await word of any developments.   —Avros Setrakian

4685—Remembering that the patient had been transferred from the Pharasmin Lamentations in Rozenport, I decided to pay my old friend Burgevin a visit on my recent stay in town. B had learnt more of the patient’s story in the months since turning him over to Administrator Trice. Insists that patient is young, much younger than T believes. Claims he was a promising student at the School of Sciences: a talented writer, researcher, and artist. Also, reportedly, a burgeoning psychic of no small account? Joined Dean Meirtmane on one of his famed expeditions, but was captured (B claims, learnt from a friend of M’s) by a cult of Him Who Is Not To Be Named. Held for days. Tortured. Exposed to hallucinogens. Made to participate in unspeakable rituals. M apparently succeeded at a daring rescue and recovered patient. But patient himself never recovered. In fact (B’s opinion), even M was changed after that particular trip. “Lost himself in that book,” he says, whatever that means.

I attempted to discuss these details with the Administrator, warning him of patient’s possible exposure to influence of H____, but he waved me off. Uninterested in what he calls “irrelevant spiritual blather.” Told me, in so many words, to mind my business and leave the care of his patients to science.

So, again, I will wait for word on a change in his status.

Memory and thought—like existence itself—are gifts from the Mother of Souls. Their corruption, by any force, is a tragedy of the highest order. I will continue to pray for patient’s recovery. As I pray for the souls of EVERYONE here.  —Avros Setrakian

First Reference: Chapter 18
Other Notable References: Chapter 21


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