In Chapter 73, Dora performed psychometry on her bag of finger bones after discovering that the bones were gone. She had been surprised to discover that they weren’t there, and she had no memory of giving them to Ray‘s ghost in Chapter 72:

Dora saw the front room of a dilapidated old mansion. It was a huge space, around a hundred feet long and close to fifty feet wide. Smashed, rotted furniture was littered everywhere and crumbling bookshelves peppered with the remnants of old, faded books lined the walls.

Dora saw herself enter through the ramshackle front door, her breath fogging in the frigid air. She whispered something to herself as she entered. It was hard to hear, but it sounded like a mournful, “I didn’t say goodbye to any of them…”

She stepped into the room and found a transparent Ray, arms outstretched, howling and wailing at the sky. Coming in and out of existence. He was completely unaware of Dora’s presence.

As she walked, step by step, deeper into the Wailing House, she became aware that the ghost was howling the name Daria.

Dora sighed in sorrow, and sat on the floor in front of the raging, screaming spirit. She took out her crystal, which lit up, and she set it beside her. Then she took out the small pouch which contained the finger bones and laid them on the floor in front of her. After a moment, she spoke. “Ray, can you hear me?”

The screaming slowly faded, but the ghost still seemed unaware of her specific presence in the room.

“If you remember me… remember that we were friends. And we looked out for one another. I feel I failed you. And now you are… caught… somewhere I cannot reach you. But I am still your friend. And whatever it was that you have done… I forgive you.”

This was the moment in the psychometry where things started feeling REALLY weird for Dora. For the first part of this vision, she sort of remembered it happening loosely in this way, but she had NO memory of saying those words.

For the first time since she started using psychometry, the experience felt fake. It felt false. As far as Dora’s personal memory was concerned, this scene did not happen in this way.

Being naturally curious, however, Dora decided to continue reading the object to see if she could get to the truth of the situation.

The ghost of Brayden Vatticus, for the first time, manifested eyeballs in his hazy body of light and they stared down at Dora. He was openly weeping at this point. His mouth moved, but all Dora heard was backwards, out-of-sync groaning and garble. He was trying so hard to communicate something, but he couldn’t. Instead, he reached down for the bones and as he touched them, they crumbled to ash and he vanished, like light being sucked into a singularity.

Despite being exactly what happened in Chapter 72, this also didn’t conform to Dora’s memory.

Dora wept softly for a moment. She grabbed the crystal from off the floor and made her weary way to her feet.

As she did so, the Dora of the present notices what the Dora of the past did not. And the reason she didn’t is because what now-Dora spots is invisible.

There was something crawling across the ceiling, through the northwest doorway and across this vast room, leaving faint shimmering disturbances in the air and unsettling small bits of crumbling plaster from the ceiling.

As it moved, passing over Dora’s head, Dora wobbled on her feet and then started babbling incoherently as sensations of madness and death and vengeance and pain—eternal pain and a BOTTOMLESS feeling of absolute ABANDONMENT—cascaded through her consciousness in a devastating rush. Even though she was fighting through a fog of madness, Dora understood that she was in danger and she knew she had to get out of there.

But the invisible shape had gotten in front of her and it dropped to the floor between her and the doorway. Then tiny little-girl voice whispered, “Hallo, Mummy.”

Dora howled in pain as blood sprayed out of her gut and a child materialized. It was a little girl with pale, bloodless skin gleaming like metal, eyes the color of the deepest night, and lank and filthy yellow hair in a natty bob. She wore a decade-old (at least) rotting blue baby-doll dress. A crown of rotting flowers wreathed her head. Her neck was a mangled mess, like something small and thin and sharp had nearly severed it. And the girl had no hands. Her arms ended in sawed-off stumps.

One of her jagged arm stumps was buried deep in Dora’s gut. Dora felt all of her muscles start to lock up, but with a superhuman effort she fought the effect off. However, she could do nothing else but stand there and babble.

The little girl pounded a foot on the floor and bellowed, “Sit, Mummy! Stay! Tea party!” She was speaking in Aklo.

Dora fell prone to the floor. She couldn’t help herself. It was out of her control.

Daria stabbed her again. And again. And finally, Dora stopped moving. Entirely.

The undead child looked across the room at the discarded pouch that once held her hands. “Mummy gave me up. Mummy wanted to give me up. I KNEW IT.”

The walking corpse sat on Dora’s chest and not-particularly-gently used her jagged arm stumps to brush Dora’s hair to the side of her face. “Such a pretty girl. So much potential. No one will ever hurt you. No one will ever hurt you. NO ONE will EVER hurt you.” Dora and Thema watched helplessly through Dora’s eyes as Daria wrenched back and unleashed an anguished, but absolutely silent scream.

Daria stabbed Mummy over and over and over. When she saw the light start to go out of Mummy’s eyes, Daria combed through her belongings and found some potions. “Fun juice!” She poured a potion of cure light wounds into her paralyzed mouth and smiled as some of Mummy’s wounds healed up.

“So much potential.” STAB. “So powerful.” STAB. “So pretty.”

Daria gave her another fun juice and then leaned in and placed her corpse lips over Dora’s. A dead spider husk fell into Dora’s throat, nearly gagging her. Daria inhaled deeply, staring into Mummy’s eyes, and after a moment, Dora’s eyes rolled back in her head and something seemed to drop out of her. But soon enough, she stirred again.

Daria crossed the room and picked up the now-empty leather pouch. “Don’t forget your things! Even though they mean nothing to you… we always pick up our room!” She tucked the pouch back in Dora’s belongings and helped her to her bleary feet. “Come back, Mummy. SOON.”

Dora stared blankly.

“Mummy, mummy, look at me. LOOK AT ME!” Dora’s woozy head wobbled down and made eye contact. Daria placed her stumps on Mummy’s chin. “’Member: What do we say? Any pain visited upon US will be returned a THOUSANDFOLD upon those who dare to hurt us. Bye, Mummy!” She pushed Dora out the front door and the vision ended.

First Reference: Chapter 73
Other Notable References: Chapter 74


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