The Esipil erupts.A creature the party first encountered in the northern West Ward of Briarstone Asylum, in the form of a small champagne fox.

Esipils are a subset of a group of creatures called Sakhils, which are fallen psychopomps who were not content to serve eternally as clerks in an endlessly deteriorating cycle of meaningless lives. They escaped into the Ethereal Plane where they devoted the rest of their lives to tormenting mortals with the things they fear the most.

An Esipil’s natural appearance is that of a squirming part-demon, part-canine, part-earthworm creature with a gaze ability that frightens those who can see it. They specifically prey upon the unease that comes from living with or near animals. They often take on the form of domesticated animals and insinuate themselves into people’s lives before finding the right moment to terrorize them.

They have Damage Reduction only overcome by good-aligned weapons.

First Reference: Chapter 32
Other Notable References: Chapter 33


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