Given by Tolman for Ray in Chapter 51.

The Eternal Rose counsels us to seek light, and to seek beauty.

Not to BE light, or to BE beauty. Because we can’t be. We are mortal. We are deeply, deeply flawed. We can perfect an art, but we cannot perfect our souls.

Only She can be unshadowed light, and unvarnished beauty. Only She is perfect.

For us all there is, is the struggle.

And Ray exemplified that struggle.

He knew his own darkness. But he didn’t let it stop him from creating light where he could.

He knew the ugliness in his own soul. But he didn’t let it stop him from creating space where beauty could take seed.

Faith is not a destination. Faith is a journey.

And Ray exemplified that journey.

I know he was not at peace. I know he may never be. I know he was angry, and frustrated, and sad. And lost.

But in his struggle, he left works behind him. Works of great beauty that can choose to make life richer for all who follow:


He leaves us behind him. We are his great work. We are alive because of the pain… and darkness… and ugliness he endured. In part, for us.

Shelyn gave us great gift in Ray. And Ray gave us the gift of our futures.

Do not squander these gifts.

Seek light.

Seek beauty.

And remember him: Brayden Vatticus.

First Reference: Chapter 51
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