Fort Hailcourse from above.Militia base in Thrushmoor.

The party investigated the site in Chapter 52 and found a walled fort, twenty feet high, with five round towers (two stories tall with ballistae atop them) and a central donjon tower nearly forty feet high. Ten-foot-high double doors on the south were the only visible means of entry. Soldiers in leather armor patrolled the ramparts, their faces covered, with longbows in hand and longswords sheathed.

In Chapter 53, the party learned that the second floor of the donjon housed Magistrate Padgett’s study.

In Chapter 56, the party found a courtroom and a records room for the town on the fort’s first floor.

In Chapter 72, during Iris Hill’s retaliatory attack in the early hours of 8 Neth, Dabwick rallied the dwarves and halflings of Thrushmoor to take shelter inside the now-empty fort.

First Reference: Chapter 37
Other Notable References: Chapter 52, Chapter 53, Chapter 54, Chapter 55, Chapter 56, Chapter 57, Chapter 58, Chapter 72

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