Six ghouls menace the viewer.Undead creature with a taste for human flesh. Wasted pale gray flesh stretched tight over jutting bones, a face transformed into something dog-like, with huge canines and an upthrust pug nose. Burning red lights for eyes.

One of the first ghouls encountered by the characters in Briarstone Asylum also claimed “Zandalus sees,” but it was unclear if it knew what it was saying or if it was just repeating the last words of the Flame-head Man as he ran down a Briarstone Asylum hallway towards his inevitable death by crossbow bolts from the barricade guards.

In Chapter 24, the party encountered two ghouls in the East Ward.

In Chapter 25, the party encountered a pack of three ghouls in the northern half of the West Ward, by which point they began recalling more information about them: they are bolstered against channelled positive energy, their bite and claw attacks can paralyze a victim (elves are immune to this effect), and their bite can transmit Ghoul Fever. If someone dies while infected with Ghoul Fever, they rise as a ghoul at the next midnight. If a victim ever goes below 0 hp and doesn’t die while infected, they pick up Ghoul Corruption, which fills the victim with a hunger for feasting on sentient beings.

First Reference: Chapter 7
Other Notable References: Chapter 8, Chapter 10, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25


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