On the second day of the adventure, in Chapter 6, Dora used her psychometry ability to learn more about the constable’s badge the party found when they first woke up in Briarstone Asylum. She had two visions.

In the first, a human man in his fifties, with purple-tinted specs and an unusual flat hat, was looking down at a kneeling Grip, who was wearing the shield and armor he found upon waking up at Briarstone (though both were whole and covered in spikes) and was wielding the shattered battleaxe that seemed to have gone along with them (it was also whole). The man with the purple glasses pinned the constable’s badge to Grip’s chest as Grip howled with laughter.

In the second vision, Grip was standing in a dark alleyway with his foot on a boy’s chest, pressing him against a wall. He had his battleaxe under the kid’s chin—laughing, again—and gave a kick to the base of the axe. Being such a master of his own strength, he managed to draw blood without cutting anything vital.

First Reference: Chapter 6
Other Notable References: Chapter 40


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