a.k.a. the Triad, the Serpent of the Lost Coast

Referenced in Gull’s first dream, he and Gull both seemed to suffer from an illness marked by weeping sores.

Referenced in a letter from Rony to Grip uncovered in Chapter 46 as “Uncle G,” someone important to Rony. Gavrony is a male Varisian name that Rony may be short for.

Rony recalled that Gavrony Stoiču was a Sczarni crime boss that plagued the Lost Coast 30-40 years earlier. Leader of the Drozha clan before it was wiped out by plague 25 years ago. Brutally violent to outsiders, but very few knew who he was. Master of disguise, information broker, assassin. Known as the “Triad” or the “Serpent of the Lost Coast.”

First Reference: Chapter 8
Other Notable References: Chapter 46


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