A black rapier with a delicately-carved rose-shaped hilt. Found in the basement of Briarstone Asylum with the rest of the gear the party picked up. Carried by Gull upon leaving the cells.

In Chapter 19, Gull traded it to Vaustin in exchange for ranged weapon training.

In Chapter 45, Denman identified the weapon as likely being a Sczarni blade.

In the Act II Interlude, Rony learned that it had once been a +1 heartseeker, human bane weapon named “Heartsbane.”

In Chapter 84, Dora experienced a psychometry vision of the blade and learned some details of its past. It had been used by Gavrony Stoiču at some point to attack a certain caravan owner. It was later buried by Gavrony, and then unearthed by Rony.

First Reference: Chapter 2
Other Notable References: Chapter 19, Chapter 45, Act II Interlude, Chapter 84


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