A Hound of Tindalos emerges from a hallway ceiling.Otherworldly predators from beyond the bounds of known reality. They appear on the Material Plane seemingly drawn to places and people where reality or time has been warped. They have never shown evidence of communicating with or understanding mortals. They do not care. They hunt. They are outsiders, and no one is sure what or where Tindalos is.

A conglomeration of blue and red blood vessels, loosely in the shape of a wolf with a five-foot long mouth and a seven-foot long probing tongue. The ends of the tentacles that make up this creature drift into smoke at the edges. Visual contact with their sight organs can tear one’s flesh apart, but what their sights organs are is unclear. They can, as a swift action, greater teleport to any location that has a corner and emerge from permanent hard angles.

Anyone attempting to make mental contact with a Hound of Tindalos will take damage and be subject to a confusion effect. They have DR/magic. Spell-like abilities include slow, haste, invisibility, and air walk at will. Locate creature. Any target of its gaze attack that makes its save is immune to the effects for a full day.

First Reference: Chapter 66
Other Notable References: Chapter 67


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