The name given to the mansion Dora viewed in her first dream. She thought of it as “the home of a deranged hoarder,” but didn’t know where it was located.

In Chapter 37, the party learned that Iris Hill was the Lowls family estate in Thrushmoor. Observed from the lake, it appeared as a compound surrounded by an impenetrable 20-foot-tall hedge wall, clearly magical in origin.

In Chapter 39, the party learned from Cesadia Wrentz that Melisenn Kororo, the head housekeeper/butler for the Lowls family, had fired most of the staff of the mansion shortly before the beginning of the campaign, and that since the earthquake she had sealed the estate.

During the botched “Great Harvest” ritual in Chapter 51, Carcosa was briefly viewed as co-existing with Thrushmoor. In the Carcosa-version of Thrushmoor, Iris Hill was absent, replaced by a windowless tower with battlements.

During a psychometry reading in the same chapter, Dora got a view of the sitting room of the estate in the past, and came to understand that most of the rooms and objects she envisioned while casting her spells were drawn from the location.

In Chapter 62, Dora viewed the sitting room in the near-present day in another psychometry vision.

In Chapter 63, the party scouted the estate and learned that its unnatural hedge is enchanted to harm those who try to pass through it.

Shortly after midnight on 8 Neth, the party infiltrated the estate and explored most of the outbuildings and the ground floor of the estate, while Melisenn and her cultists were elsewhere (Chapters 64 through 69). They discovered multiple disturbing creatures haunting the location, and learned that Nemira Lowls had been kept in the attic (presumably for decades). They stole treasure and writings left behind by Count Lowls.

Just after nightfall, later that same day, they returned for a second incursion, eventually making their way beneath the estate. In Chapter 79, Rony observed that a set of stairs leading into the basement from beneath the library were newer than the construction of the rest of the estate. In Chapter 80, the party found a secret spiral staircase (of even more recent construction) descending deep into the earth below the Lowls family crypt. In Chapter 81, they discovered Thrushmoor’s third star stela and a secret temple to Hastur at the bottom of the stairs.

First Reference: Chapter 26
Other Notable References: Chapter 37, Chapter 39, Chapter 51, Chapter 62, Chapter 63, Chapter 64, Chapter 65, Chapter 66, Chapter 67, Chapter 68, Chapter 69, Chapter 75, Chapter 76, Chapter 77, Chapter 78, Chapter 79, Chapter 80, Chapter 81, Chapter 82, Chapter 83


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