Young male, in his twenties, guarding the barricade on the upper floor of Briarstone Asylum. Wearing the same crappy improvised armor as the others and wielding a crossbow. Told the characters the name of the island and the asylum where they found themselves.

In Chapter 19, he took active participation in the group combat with Mr. Gabriel after the doppelganger attempted to assassinate Dora.

He participated in the battle for the chapel in Chapters 29 & 30, even landing a shot on Jenny Two-Tails with his crossbow.

In Chapter 31, the players learned his surname and that Jared came from family of farmers. They needed extra money, so Jared came to Briarstone Ayslum alone, to work as a gardener and send back what he could.

In Chapter 48, it was learned that he left Thrushmoor with DaNae.

First Reference: Chapter 4
Other Notable References: Chapter 19, Chapter 29, Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 48


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