The bloated, rotting form of a Keeper of the Yellow Sign reaches out.Hastur cultists who willingly sacrifice their souls to rise as Hastur’s servants after death.

Quiet but relentless undead champions of the Unspeakable One who bring anxiety and woe to the lives of any infidel who comes too close the secrets of its master. Like a vampire, they can easily pass for a living human if they wish, though they tend to have a pale, unhealthy look and swollen features that can give away their true natures to those who know what to look for. They are feeble and sluggish in the sunlight, often easily mistaken for a sickly vagrant or leper. In the darkness, they grow supernaturally strong and attentive, and their eyes glow with a malignant yellow luminescence.

Surrounded by a thirty-foot aura of gloom and repulsiveness that causes a bane effect within the aura and for seven minutes after leaving it. They drain energy with their slam attack, which gives them temporary hit points. Every time they kill someone with the ability, there is a chance that the wash of energy goes back into them and explodes them, dealing negative energy to everyone within a fifteen-foot radius. If any negative level bestowed by a Keeper becomes permanent, the victim must succeed on a DC 17 Will save or die following one hour of delirium. They need to be damaged by magical silver weapons.

In Chapter 79, Rony discovered a Keeper lurking in the basement level of the Iris Hill estate. The party destroyed it in Chapter 80.

First Reference: Chapter 74
Other Notable References: Chapter 79, Chapter 80


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