In Chapter 46, the party found this note addressed to Grip, in what Rony thought of as his “go bag:”


If you’re reading this, congratulations. You win. You can take comfort in that while you’re burning in the Abyssal deserts. I don’t know how you did it—I must’ve missed whatever bit of context counted—but, yeah: looks like you got me.

Almost nothing in this world has ever meant anything to me, and that’s how I wanted it. Give people an inch of your soul, they use that leverage to destroy you.

But two losses hit me hard: my uncle G, and you. I guess it turns out YOU were the true chaos that fell into my life.

And for that I’ll hate you forever.

Out of respect for debts owed, take the house. It’s yours. I mean, not that I can stop you, right?

Also… something’s in the air. Something’s brewing. Maybe it’s you. Maybe you were behind it the whole time? But I doubt it. A dumbfuck like you can barely scheme his way into a plate of breakfast without the help of his betters.

But things are coming to a head. Again, with respect to debts owed, a final piece of advice from me: Watch Your Back.

I don’t know what Thema and the Count are brewing up, but it ain’t good. Maybe they’re what I’m sensing. Could be the Doc, I suppose. I don’t know, though. Maybe it’s the kid—I have good reason to believe he tried to put out a hit on us. Ungrateful little shit. But something’s in the air.

Well. It’s your problem now.
Fuck right off, then.

I guess you can gut Nix now.

First Reference: Chapter 46
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