Spawn of Penanggalen. By day, they resemble a normal living humanoid woman. After sunset, their upper torso rips away, leaving her lower body behind. Gains a fly speed and natural attacks. Upper and lower portions share the same pool of hit points. They drain blood, and have DR overcome by good-aligned or silver weapons. Vulnerable to light blades.

One was seen flying with Melisenn to and from Iris Hill in the early hours of 8 Neth.

In Chapter 72, one was seen by Grip and Dabwick terrorizing the residents of the High Mart neighborhood of Thrushmoor. It landed a bite attack on Grip and drained his blood.

In Chapter 74, Stazi recalled that they have DR/good or silver. Vulnerable to light blades. A tank with a huge pool of hit points, hard to hit, hits hard. No weak saves. Fly-by-attack. Spell-like abilities around fear and sleep.

First Reference: Chapter 62
Other Notable References: Chapter 64, Chapter 70, Chapter 72, Chapter 74


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