A fragment of Melisenn Kororo‘s personal writing read by Vik in Chapter 86.

When was it I first heard the transmission? 13 years ago? A VOICE. No… words.
Words without a voice. Meaning without sound.
It took me weeks to find the right spot, but finally I did: the top of the house, on the roof, directly above the stone and directly below Carcosa… The Transmission. Thoughts. Ideas.
A hidden potential for the stones!
Their purpose, their true purpose, beyond the parlor tricks: conjunction. Conjunction!

I could succeed where Ariadne failed hundreds of years ago.

And so I worked. And planned.

In time, I learned it was not His voice I heard, but HERS.
She was there… but here… speaking through the stones… speaking to me… whispering that she did not fail, she was merely unable to finish… but that I could finish what she started… with the right words, the right Harvest … I could draw His Great Yellow Eye upon us, and together WE would be his brides… when he unfurls in majesty from the Great Cocoon.

And so I worked. I planned.

“Do not trust the count,” Ariadne said. “He is not your ally. His goals are not your goals. His path is not your path. Let him find his way through the sewers; let him claim his paltry reward of shit and servitude. Do not stand in his way, but do not speed his journey. Bide your time. Bide your time! Use him while you can, and act when he departs.

“Do not trust Thema. She would supplant you.
“Do not trust Gulliver. He will betray you.
“Do not trust Riptusk. The sun god seeks him. His life is forfeit.
Viktor could be useful, but he is dangerous.

“Where should I turn?”
“Turn to the past.”
“Shall I call on Risi?”
Asa and Tara and Hollis?”
“Yes! They are pure.”

And so I worked. And planned.
And it all went according to His design.
The others followed Haserton
and came back mad.
They healed, but never fully.
They were broken.
And then he destroyed them and left.
All was going as planned.

And then two weeks ago… she was suddenly IN MY DREAMS… so close… so close…
closer than she’d ever been… It was my Sign. My SIGNAL. To begin.
And I did.

But now…
now I dare not sleep…
I have not only failed Him.
I have failed her as well.

There may time to redeem myself in His eyes, but she will not be forgiving. If I cannot complete this Harvest, only one path remains open to her. And it is not mine to walk. So I must stay awake.

I will stay awake.
I can do it. I can do it.
I can do it.

I can do it.
I can do it.

I can do it.
Ic an dot.
I can doit.
cant cant cant cantcantcantcantcantcant

First Reference: Chapter 86
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