A wasted crone with ram's horns hovers in the air in the middle of the party.Type of hag from the Dimension of Dreams known for riding people’s dreams while they sleep, and literally draining the life out them before sucking their soul into their heartstone where it is sold in the Abyss for great sums of money. They ride a mortal body from the Ethereal Plane. Devastatingly hard to hurt. Wrapped with layers of damage reduction, high spell resistance, and immunities. Capable of transmitting demon fever with their bite: once a victim of this disease hits the “impaired” stage, the disabilities caused by this disease become permanent until healed with very high-level magic.

The Night Hag the party encountered in Chapter 48 presented as an ancient, withered old crone with purplish wasting flesh, skeletal, dressed in rags with a giant ruby, and unable to fly on the Material Plane. She had two curled man’s horns on top of her head.The particular night hag the party fought spoke of being frozen between Planes when Ariadne left.

Apparently, the vanishing of the Briarstone Witch 700 years earlier left the hags of the Thrushmoor region “torn between worlds.”

First Reference: Chapter 48
Other Notable References: Chapter 50 (Part 1)


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