Found in the patient records room in Chapter 15.

Patient Record: Brayden Vatticus

Male, human of possible Kellid descent, 22 years old.
6’ 0” tall, approximately 190 lbs., black hair (medium length), green eyes, slender build, evidence of extensive corporal mortification, suffers from physical wasting disease of unknown origin (confirmed: not leprosy).

Home: Thrushmoor, Versex County

Committed: 15 Lamashan, 4718

Circumstances: Employee of Count Haserton Pragmus Lowls IV, ruler of Versex County, committed after falling into amnesiac fugue state of unknown origin.

Biological son of patients Vatticus, G. and Antea, T.

Warning from Count Lowls: highly contagious (Unconfirmed). Quarantine recommended.

Attending Doctor: Eliege Losandro

Brought to the Asylum with four other individuals (all employees of the Count) in identical condition. Patient has lost all memory and exists in a walking fugue state, completely unaware of his surroundings. He is catatonic and unable to care for himself in any way. Yet he can walk, stand, sit, lie down, etc when directed to do so physically. Non-responsive to any stimuli yet applied.

Fears of patient’s physical ailments and their potential communicability should be neither stoked nor ignored.


Treatment: TBD.

Development: 16 Lamashan/4718—Patient was heard speaking a short phrase in an unknown language repeatedly overnight.

First Reference: Chapter 15
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