Found in the patient records room in Chapter 15.

Patient Record: Thema Antea

Female, aasimar (of human descent, likely Kellid), approximate age 45-50.
5’ 9” tall, approximately 135 lbs., golden olive skin, silver hair (long), violet eyes, extensive discoloration of unknown origin on posterior of entire body, eye brand on back of neck (unknown origin)

Home: Thrushmoor, Versex County

Committed: 15 Lamashan, 4718

Circumstances: Employee of Count Haserton Pragmus Lowls IV, ruler of Versex County, committed after falling into amnesiac fugue state of unknown origin.

Wife to patient Vatticus, G. and biological mother to patient Vatticus, B.

Warning from Count Lowls: possibly contagious? (Unconfirmed). Quarantine recommended.

Attending Doctor: Arosh Chawaar

Brought to the Asylum with four other individuals (all employees of the Count) in identical condition. Patient has lost all memory and exists in a walking fugue state, completely unaware of her surroundings. She is catatonic and unable to care for herself in any way. Yet she can walk, stand, sit, lie down, etc when directed to do so physically. Non-responsive to any stimuli yet applied.

Treatment: Observation for now. Doctor Chawaar will recommend a regimen of treatment after study.

Development: 16 Lamashan/4718—Patient was heard speaking the word “remember” (in the Taldane tongue) repeatedly overnight, in multiple voices (2?).

First Reference: Chapter 15
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