Found in a hidden safe inside the staff records room in Chapter 17.

Patient Record: Ulver Zandalus

Male, Varisian descent, approximate age at time of intake: 45-50? (Rozenport contacts claim him to be in his mid-20s, but physical examination suggests otherwise.) Smooth face, wrinkled hands, extensive scarring around jaw and skull.

Home: Believed to be Rozenport, Versex County

Committed: 2 Sarenith, 4685 [meta-note: this is 33 years ago]

Circumstances: Transferred from Pharasmin Lamentations in Rozenport

Attending Doctor: Eliege Losandro

Zandalus exhibits complete withdrawal from society and an inability to care for himself in any but the most basic modes. The symptoms of his passive antisociality chronically present as mutism and blankness. Frequent night terrors result in brief but dramatic nocturnal outbursts—shouting, shaking, fear responses. Zandalus seems to grasp the difference between sleep and wakefulness and typically recovers from nightmares quickly.

Treatment: Therapy, antipsychotic regimen, observation

Development: 2/4687 [meta-note: 31 years ago]—Zandalus proves to be a gifted and prolific artist. He has enthusiastically taken to using a charcoal drawing set to create dramatic but fanciful works of art, typically renderings of surreal architecture and skyscapes. Art calms him in the wake of a nightmare. He will be afforded basic supplies to continue such therapy.

Development: 11/4702 [meta-note: 15 years ago]—A shift has occurred in Zandalus’s art. He has repeatedly, almost perfectly, illustrated one of the ancient standing stones situated at the northwestern corner of the asylum grounds. As the isle’s shores are off-limits to patients, I do not believe he has ever seen the subject of his work. The significance (or coincidence?) of this merits further study.

Development: 2/4715 [meta-note: 3 years ago]—Count Haserton Lowls has taken an interest in Zandalus: first his art and now the artist. Lowls has become a repeat visitor, spending hours upon hours with my patient, but refuses to explain his interest. Dr. Trice has expressed misgivings about the relationship, but I see no harm in it.

First Reference: Chapter 17
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