Found in the patient records room in Chapter 16.

Patient Record: Unknown Male #287

Male, human of Varisian descent, approximate age 30-35.
5’ 7” tall, approximately 135 lbs., olive skin, black hair (short) and moustache/beard (short), brown eyes, slender build. Numerous metal teeth. Unidentified brand on back of neck (serpent? river?). Spiral tattoo of numerous triangles on left cheek.

Home: Thrushmoor, Versex County

Committed: 15 Lamashan, 4718

Circumstances: Employee of Count Haserton Pragmus Lowls IV, ruler of Versex County, committed after falling into amnesiac fugue state of unknown origin.

According to Count Lowls, this man’s true identity is unknown. Earliest-known name was most certainly an alias. Some call him the Triangle Man, or occasionally the Snake, but he is unlikely to respond to those appellations.

Note from Lowls:
“This is the most recalcitrant individual you will ever encounter. Without heavy sedation and/or psychotropic manipulation, he will thwart your every best effort and make your life a living hell. Believe nothing he says. Lying, to him, is like breathing.”

Attending Doctor: Arosh Chawaar

Brought to the Asylum with four other individuals (all employees of the Count) in identical condition. Patient has lost all memory and exists in a walking fugue state, completely unaware of his surroundings. He is catatonic and unable to care for himself in any way. Yet he can walk, stand, sit, lie down, etc when directed to do so physically. Non-responsive to any stimuli yet applied.

Treatment: Observation for now. Doctor Chawaar will recommend a regimen of treatment after study.

Development: 16 Lamashan/4718—Patient was observed by Head Nurse Deliadde to mutter “hide yourself” (in the Varisian tongue) repeatedly overnight, changing pitch, timbre, tone, and dialect with each utterance.

First Reference: Chapter 16
Other Notable References: Chapter 17


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