Horrific vampiric monstrosities. By day they appear to be a normal humanoid woman, but at midnight the creature’s head rips free from her body as she launches into the air, seeking blood to sate her unholy thirst. Unlike most undead, the penanggalen is more akin to a lich in that she willfully abandons mortality and morality to become this creature. Traditionally female spellcasters who undergoing numerous heinous acts and rituals.

Extremely light sensitive, and when they are outside of their body, they are staggered when exposed to direct sunlight. DR/silver & slashing. Decent resistance to cold and fire. If they drain a woman to death, she will rise at the next sunset as a Manananggal.

In Chapter 74, Stazi recalled that their entrails drip with a foul bile that blisters and weakens living flesh. Any creature damaged by slam attack must make a Fort save or take 1d4 Dex and 1d4 Cha damage. DR/silver + slashing. Decent resistance to cold and fire.

First Reference: Chapter 62
Other Notable References: Chapter 74


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