A large book found in Melisenn‘s possession, weighing about 10 pounds and consisting of 500 pages of thin parchment. The cover bears a small inset crystal and there are a series of metallic insect-like clasps along the edges to keep the book closed when not being read. The inside cover bears the following inscription, written in the Taldane language: “May we prevail over the scourge of simplistic thought and lesser men.” The rest is written in an ancient dialect of Aklo.

It seems to be an actual translation of a translation of one of the Pnakotic Manuscripts. Of course, since the original text (said to be written possibly millions of years ago) is long lost, the fact that this book is a copy of a copy makes sense. Little is known of the Pnakotic Manuscripts except that they were originally created by what is known as the Great Race of Yith. The Pnakotic Manuscripts are all different, each representing one small piece of the Pnakotic Record, which is believed to be a record of everything every Yithian ever learned, did, thought, felt, or experienced, from the beginning to the end of time (sort of like their own version of the Akashic Record, but just focused on the Great Race).

This Manuscript encompasses vast (and confusing) knowledge about Flying Polyps, Yithians, and many other alien creatures associated with the Elder Mythos. Spending a week of continual study grants the reader a bonus on all Knowledge checks pertaining to conjuration magic or the gods and magic of the Old Cults. In addition, the Manuscript functions as a spellbook and contains the following arcane spells: planar binding (and its lesser and greater versions), teleport, greater teleport, teleport object, teleportation circle, interplanetary teleport, plane shift, and gate.

First Reference: Chapter 82
Other Notable References: Chapter 83, Chapter 86

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