Ratch Mamby stares and points in front of him while clutching his stomach.Head Ratling of Briarstone Asylum. A younger humanoid-looking creature with fangs and a hunger for books and magical scrolls. Claimed that he managed to hide from the “Shred Man” for some time, but it is unknown how. Ratch and his fellow Ratlings were driven to the surface by the cataclysm below, and once there they made a lair in and around the Briarstone Library.

After his bargaining with the party, Ratch’s status was elevated amongst his Ratling kin and he moved to the top of the library shelves in Chapter 20. During the bulk of Dora’s research in the Briarstone library, Ratch and his cohort ate each book after Dora finished reading it.

When the party passed through the library in Chapter 27, Ratch demanded a scroll for passage. Dora rudely denied him, but Ray eventually handed one over. In response, Ratch warned them that he would eat the children in the chapel if Dora didn’t honor their agreement.

In Chapter 29, the party attempted to ambush and assassinate Ratch, kicking off the battle for the chapel. The ratling leader was ultimately slain by Grip.

First Reference: Chapter 18
Other Notable References: Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 27, Chapter 29, Chapter 30


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