University located in Ustalav, in the city of Rozenport. Used to fund incredibly high profile expeditions to the various southern continents—deserts, mountains, jungles—specifically searching for secrets left behind from fallen empires. Publicity for these expeditions was continent-wide. By Gull’s reckoning, these expeditions happened thirty to forty years prior to the beginning of the campaign. Ulver Zandalus was somehow associated with these expeditions.

In Chapter 10, the Sincomakti School was discovered to be the location of Gull's first dream. Notable features of the campus included a golden dome and a thin, leaning, purple-gray tower. In Gull’s dream there was also a prominent stone monument, covered in squirming symbols and etched with a star with too many points, but he later realized the stela didn’t literally reside there.

Individuals known to have attended or worked at the Sincomakti School include:

First Reference: Chapter 8
Other Notable References: Chapter 10, Chapter 16, Chapter 20, Chapter 22, Chapter 34, Chapter 62


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