a.k.a. “Annie”
INQUISITOR 3 of Pharasma/ROGUE (Knife Master) 3

Old-school-looking Pharasmin Inquisitor, complete with the traditional red hat, first met with the group of detectives at the Sleepless Agency in Chapter 39. A human woman of obvious Ustalavic stock, with black hair and dark eyes. Dresses in black chain, black leather, black cloak, and she looks like she served at Maiden’s Choir Cathedral. Immediately recognized Winter‘s armor and cloak on Grip.

Cesadia Wrentz introduced her as “Annie,” while noting that it was not her name and that she hated being called that.

In Chapter 40, during a conversation with Grip, it became clear that she had a close personal relationship with Winter.

In Chapter 49, she shared that she began to serve the church of Pharasma when she was seven, in exchange for not reporting her for stealing.

During the Skum attack on the Sellen Starling in Chapter 50 (Part 2), Stazi was revealed to be a Knife Master Rogue/Inquisitor of Pharasma whose favored weapon is the dagger.

In Chapter 62, Stazi contemplated her responsibility towards Bates, and the “illusion of free will.”

First Reference: Chapter 39
Other Notable References: Chapter 40, Chapter 48, Chapter 49, Chapter 50 (Part 2), Chapter 62, Chapter 84


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