a.k.a. the Whispering Tyrant

Powerful wizard-king who ruled central Avistan at the end of the 9th century AR. Killed by the god Aroden in 896 AR, he rose as the lich known as the Whispering Tyrant in 3203 AR, and ruled the country of Ustalav for centuries. He was finally defeated by the Shining Crusade in 3827 AR and after a later attempt to gain control of the Starstone in Absalom, he retreated to the Isle of Terror in the middle of Lake Encarthan.

In the Act II Interlude, it was revealed that the Whispering Tyrant’s agents discovered the Mad Poet's Book and carried it from the Dimension of Dreams and into Golarion.

First Reference: Chapter 4
Other Notable References: Act II Interlude


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