A legendary book, written by Valhadis about 3,600 years prior to the beginning of the campaign. Reported to be an exploration of the brain less as an organ and more as the lens of perception and as the ‘throne of dreams.’

Count Lowls was known to possess a copy, but gave it to Dr. Losandro in exchange for taking on a five new patients, former associates of his. Within, she discovered a process through which chronic dreams might be drawn forth and disposed of, like psychic gristle.

In Dora’s psychometry vision of Dr. Losandro’s office in Chapter 22, the party learned more about its use in two occult rituals that occurred on 17 Lamashan. It seems that its use (or misuse?) can cause the creation of oneirogens.

In Chapter 35 (Part 2), the tome was claimed by the party after they defeated the Tatterman. Dora took it into her possession.

In Chapter 44, Dora perused its contents:

She learned that after one hour spent consulting the tome, any reader gains a +2 bonus on a Knowledge (Planes) check related to the Dimension of Dreams.

The first section is about a 100 pages long and details the workings and anatomy of the brain—diagnosing, analyzing and treating physiological and psychological afflictions with therapy, drugs, and surgeries.

The second section, about 200 pages long, is concerned with the casting of psychic spells and the unlocking of parts of the mind to develop certain psychic abilities. Anyone who spends 1 hours reading this section can use the hypnotism occult skill unlock once that day, even if they cannot normally cast psychic spells. One who can cast psychic spells, like Dora, can do it twice that day.  Finally, the second section is also, essentially, a psychic spellbook containing five spells: dream, nightmare (spells Dora knows exist), and a collection of spells that are only available to those who have read The Chain of Nights: dream council, dream scan, and dream travel.

The final section, 500 pages long, detail a very, very complicated occult ritual called Release Nightmare. Dora can now learn this ritual, and knows what it requires, but she would not have the capacity to perform it until she spends six days processing the mechanics of it.

First Reference: Chapter 8
Other Notable References: Chapter 10, Chapter 15, Chapter 22, Chapter 35 (Part 2), Chapter 44


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