In Chapter 74, Dabwick sat atop Crocus Hill in Thrushmoor and meditated for their spells while staring out over the town below:

First, they orient themself to the Star Stela on Gladiolus Hill, where they discovered all the murdered townsfolk. Then they eye Fort Hailcourse: dark and hollow seeming on the outside, but now full of saved souls. Then over west, to the magical hedge surrounding the uneasy silence hovering over Iris Hill. They look over to the docks and see the Sellen Starling and recall when the Skum attacked the ship on the night of the Great Harvest. They try to recall the placement and orientation of all the chalk drawings on the buildings in town and eventually Dabwick settles down in the tall grass and begins to envision a Thrushmoor consumed by Carcosa

Streets abandoned and desolate. Crumbling walls beneath towering domes. Towers with seven… no, seventeen… no, twenty-seven gables. Huge buttresses twisting across the sky like the legs of a giant arachnid god, creating an alien architecture, defying gravity and any sense of logic.

Dabwick stares unblinking and doesn’t notice that they are salivating. There are cities beyond the reaches of imagination and science, from worlds beyond the stars, worlds WITHOUT stars, stars in the dark: swollen, purple, yellow, yellow, throbbing, thrumming with decay, with death and… madness.

A pool is forming under Dabwick’s chin as they stare unseeing at the horrible vision of this Conglomerate City. It is not a wonder worthy of worship, but some kind of forgotten cosmic grave. And the overwhelming sense of loss and insanity takes their breath away.

They eventually recover and, whimpering a little, they realize that they are beyond scared.

There is SOMETHING the others know. Something they aren’t sharing with me.

Dabwick knows it’s about protecting them, but the desire to know… to hear what they want to tell them… becomes feverish for a moment. For a time, Dabwick can think of nothing but DEMANDING that the rest of the party tells them everything.

First Reference: Chapter 74
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