A sleek human man with long white hair and saucer-like wet eyes that appeared in Grip’s dream, noted for his lamentation: “What have I done?”

The man appeared in Ray’s dream as well, seeming both old and young: his hair perfectly white, long and straight, pulled back into a ponytail hanging halfway down his back; his hands wrinkled and withered and gouty, but the skin of his face soft and pale and stretched tight over his skull. His huge liquid blue eyes leaked water despite the fact that he never seemed to close them, or even to blink. He also appeared in Gull’s dream, but as more of a background character, while the Nightmare Man took prominence.

Gull, Grip, and Ray recognized the sound of his voice in an area blocked by a bedsheet behind the barricade at Briarstone.

First Reference: Chapter 5
Other Notable References: Chapter 6, Chapter 8


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