a.k.a Alhazred

A man with a deep bass voice heard chuckling near the Gray Hut in the Act I Prologue.

A mysterious figure whom Lowls was searching for in 4715. A bearded human man wearing gold and red robes, a cloth headpiece, and curled-toed shoes. He revealed himself from a gray hut in a desert oasis, carrying a book bound in leather cured from the faces of men and women. His finders were burnt into charred stumps from holding the tome.

When Lowls failed to offer him a sufficient gift in exchange for his knowledge, the Mad Poet cast a wish spell and slew Lowls, Gulliver Vatticus, Thema Antea, Ray, Rony, and Riptusk.

In Chapter 83, Viktor a note in Iris Hill from Mun to Lowls that referenced the Mad Poet, dated 1 Lamashan: “I look forward to seeing you again soon, my old friend. Perhaps early in the new year, it seems? I eagerly await news of your latest discoveries, and what the Mad Poet had to say.”

First Reference: Act I Prologue
Other Notable References: Act II Interlude, Chapter 83


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