A nation of horrors. A mess of a country wrapped around the fog-shrouded Lake Encarthan, nestled amidst the Hungry Mountains. Bordered by the orc-controlled hold of Belkzen to the west, the demon-infested Worldwound to the north, and the endless chaos of the River Kingdoms and barbarians of Numeria to the east.

Its history includes domination by the lich king Tar-Baphon for five hundred years, who flooded the area with undead monstrosities. He was eventually defeated, but two counties were destroyed, one became an undead wasteland and the other given to the crusaders who conquered the lich king. Now all that is left is a pitiful, destroyed nations fighting amongst itself, half of the counties striving for independence and democracy, and the other half still run by the hereditary aristocracy.

Tiny, insular communities haunted by something horrible. Superstitious and non-trusting.

Its city of Rozenport is home to the Sincomakti School of Sciences. The capital city of Caliphas is home to Maiden’s Choir Cathedral.

First Reference: Chapter 4
Other Notable References: Chapter 10, Chapter 20


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