Incredibly rare kind of undead, a vampire of sorts, but they are not sired by another of their kind. Instead, they spontaneously manifest when a child of great power or potential is murdered and left for dead without acknowledgement or burial. They hunger for an esoteric energy called prana, essentially a distillation of experience and life force. They hunt those who show great promise or possess a potent force of will, often children, hoping to drain the most brilliant fonts of mortal light to fuel their own unnatural embers.

Attacks cause paralysis. If it establishes or maintains a pin, or has a helpless victim, it can cause 1d4 Charisma damage. Additionally, the victim is affected by the spell modify memory as if the vetala had spent five minutes concentrating. The vetala gains perfect knowledge of any memory it chooses to eliminate using this ability, and often uses it to prevent victims from remembering that they’ve been attacked. They can possess the bodies of both living creatures and corpses.

First Reference: Chapter 73
Other Notable References: Chapter 74


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