The Stranger stands over a corpse.

It’s unclear when this is happening. The Stranger doesn’t really age, so this could be yesterday or it could be a hundred years ago.

Though the gaps in the straps of yellow silk binding the top of her face, she stares down at a body. The scarf covering the bottom of her face wriggles in what we assume must be a crooked little smile, on whatever passes for her mouth.

From a pack, she produces a… contraption. It looks like a vice, or a set of clamps. Brass plates with screws, ten inches by ten inches. There’s a horrible, fleshy tube. There’s what appears to be like an ignition key? And a series of toggle switches.

She clamps the plates around the corpse’s head and flicks one of the switches. The plates tighten on their own accord and squeeze the head in a death grip. The body shakes and convulses and lets out a hard, hollow, rasping scream. But the Stranger soon shoves the awful fleshy tube into the mouth and down the throat, muffling the sound.

She flicks switches and winds the key, watching dispassionately as the corpse quivers and shakes… and finally goes limp.

She leans in close. “I’ve come to learn that there are many projects I was unaware of.”

The corpse’s eyes dart suddenly and spasmically to lock with hers.

“You will tell me now. What was he up to?”

And the corpse obeys. Their chest moves, pushing air through the lungs and up the fleshy tube, and into the brass box. And their voice comes out of the box in a grating, buzzing, metallic drone. And the corpse tells a story (of the Act II Interlude).

First Reference: Act II Interlude
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