DECEASED? (Banished from the Material Plane, at least temporarily)
a.k.a. The Stranger

The Stranger looms amidst a quartet of unknown adventurers.A creature of initially unknown (humanoid) species first seen in the Act I Interlude.

She wears yellow leather tightly bound over a thin body that bulges in unsettling and unexpected places. She radiates euphoria and agony. She smells of alien flowers blossoming beneath the red rays of an alien sun. Her eyes are milky pale orbs sans pupil or iris. Her mouth is covered by a yellow scarf, which moves even when she’s not talking. An extremely powerful being, capable of taking out almost an entire party in just a few rounds. Carries a black-bladed rapier, and her bite drains Dexterity.

In the Act I Interlude, it was learned that she was an associate of Gulliver Vatticus, and that fifteen years before the start of the campaign she provided him with “special cargo” on the docks of Cassomir.

She encountered Dora, Grip, Gull, and Ray as 9-year-old children, as seen in visions from the Act I Interlude and Act I Epilogue.

In the Act II Prologue, the scene from the Cassomir docks fifteen years previously continued, and she was seen handing over Grip and Rony to Vatticus.

In a psychometry vision in Chapter 62, Dora learned that she was working with a “device” on a “project” in the crypt of Iris Hill. The party also determined at that time that she was a Denizen of Leng.

She experienced such frustration and rage over the results of her work in the basement of Iris Hill that in Chapter 77 Weiralai killed an ally named Daelene and nearly killed Deggorhbaatha before he escaped.

The backlit form of the Stranger approaches, surrounded by shards of yellow fabric.In Chapter 78, she confronted the party in the courtyard of the Iris Hill estate. Before combat began, she confirmed her allegiance to Hastur (referring to him as her King) and berated Haserton Lowls’ efforts on behalf of Xhamen-Dor (seeding Dabwick in the process). She told Thema (calling her “Anathema”) that she had wanted the pleasure of killing Ray herself and that Haserton had robbed her of a vengeance she had been waiting over 60 years to take when he stole the party’s memories away. At the end of a brutal fight, she was sent back to Leng.

In Chapter 79, the party found the remnants of Weiralai’s “project” in the basement of the Iris Hill estate: a line of dozens of corpses with flattened heads and violated mouths. In Chapter 81, they located the device she had used to enact her project: a set of jury-rigged Confabulation Plates.

First Reference: Act I Interlude
Other Notable References: Act I Epilogue, Act II Prologue, Chapter 62, Chapter 77, Chapter 78, Chapter 79, Chapter 81


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