Winter stands in black leather in a chapel in front of a towering statue of Pharasma.Person in charge behind the barricade at Briarstone Asylum. A breathtaking woman in her thirties. A badass, she wears fitted black leather and chain, with one eye icy blue eye and the other glowing purple. She wears a holy symbol of Pharasma.

Her bedside manner borders on brusque, but it is not without kindness, as if she is only recently acclimating to a caregiver role. She has chosen to withhold her healing powers in case the survivors in the Briarstone chapel are swarmed by ghouls again.

Winter was until very recently a sister of the Maiden’s Choir Cathedral in Caliphas, but now she has been deputized as a member of the Royal Accusers. She bears a silvery badge (that looks nothing like Grip’s badge) depicting a black tower with a red window at the top. She shared her full story with the party in Chapter 10.

Winter gave a eulogy for Gull’s fox on the evening of the fourth day of the campaign, imagining the creature to have formerly been a Wizard’s familiar.

In Chapter 18, she appeared to approached Dora to discuss whether or not Airwynn's story about Grip should be shared with him. But it was soon discovered that Winter had been assassinated by a doppelganger while the party was adventuring. Ray lead a memorial service for her passing in Chapter 20.

In Chapter 40, the party met 'Annie', who had been a close companion of Winter’s and who recognized some of her gear on Grip.

In Chapter 48, Stazi revealed that Winter arrived in Thrushmoor on 15 Lamashan with her and Omari.

First Reference: Chapter 8
Other Notable References: Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 13, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 40, Chapter 48


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