a.k.a. the Inmost Blot, the Enemy

A Great Old One of the Elder Mythos, dedicated to Decay, Parasites, and Transformation.

An entity first referenced in the Act I Epilogue as something living beneath a lake next to a dead city, which grows larger when fertilized by the thoughts of mortals that merely know its name.

A name first spoken by the woman hiding out in the smuggler’s cave near Thrushmoor, as if Grip and Rony would know who or what it was.

The living cancer known as Xhamen-Dor has existed on innumerable worlds across the immensity of time, and in almost all cases, its gestation on those worlds resulted in their doom. It consumed their inhabitants from within and transposed those entire worlds into the parasitic heart of the alien city of Carcosa.

It has a physical body and inhabits a physical place, but to think of the place where it resides as the extent of its being is to completely misunderstand its nature. It truly exists inside the dreams and memories of anyone who has ever heard its name. It grows whenever its name is heard. And over time, anyone “seeded” by it will be transformed into undead servants. It is very rare that the name is written down.

After being poisoned by hearing its name, the party began sharing its dreams every night.

In Chapter 62, Barnabus revealed the existence of a cult dedicated to both worshipping it and keeping it asleep.

First Reference: Act I Epilogue
Other Notable References: Chapter 41, Chapter 42, Chapter 43, Chapter 44, Chapter 61, Chapter 62, Chapter 78

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