Sister city to Carcosa

A city on Lake Hali ruled by and for the aristocracy, where anyone and everyone could and did revel in the hedonistic life of the ultra-rich.

When news of Alar’s vanishing (following a failed attack on the city of Carcosa) reached Yhtill, the people of that city took note, yet they did not concern themselves overmuch with the event. If anything, the people of Yhtill rested easier knowing that their enemies had disappeared. Time passed, and memories of Alar and Carcosa faded. As the people of Yhtill grew more hedonistic, and all but the most eccentric or erudite of their scholars forgot the legends of Yhtill’s sister cities, the city’s rulers fought and schemed for control of civilization. Then, during a masked ball thrown by Queen Cassilda in an attempt to secure her rule, a stranger appeared wearing a pallid mask. The stranger revealed to the queen that he wore no mask and had come to announce the end of Yhtill’s dynasty. Madness quickly swept through Yhtill, and by dawn Yhtill had vanished as well.

The events surrounding the fall of Yhtill are dramatized in the play, The King in Yellow.

First Reference: Chapter 61
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